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PODIUM Sommertalk mit Jonas Deichmann und Dr. Philipp Laux

Thomas Paul Kristine Pogge Phillip Laux Jonas Deichmann

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PODIUM Talk #International | PODIUM x Zebra Insights | 07.12.2022 | Anmeldung ab sofort.

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07.12.2022: PODIUM Talk #International  | PODIUM x Zebra Insights

mit Peter Hacker: »Cyber Crime: A view beyond the obvious« und Giorgi Badridze: »The Sources of Russian Misconduct«

ZEIT: 10:00 bis 10:50 Uhr (Virtuelle Veranstaltung)

Giorgi Badridze – The Sources of Russian Misconduct
Russia’s war on Ukraine has already produced global implications. To understand why Putin did it and what the implications will be in short and medium term, we need to understand what motivated him and how the international reaction (or the lack of it) to Russia’s previous assaults on the rules based international order had made the current conflict possible.
In his presentation Giorgi Bradidze will try to analyze Russia’s political system as the core driver of its aggressive foreign policy and highlight the contradictions between the actions of the regime and Russia’s long-term national interests. He will also briefly discuss the patterns of the Western approaches to Russia which were often based on misunderstanding of the latter’s goals and modus operandi and conclude with the overview of the current situation on the frontlines of Ukraine and the possible scenarios for the near future.

Peter Hacker – Cyber Crime: A view beyond the obvious
Cyber Crime is booming and can have a massive impact on the security and stability of companies and countries. States are fighting for supremacy in digitalisation. Thanks to networking, viruses, malware and codes offer new means of power and violence. Codes and viruses travel with light speed. They mutate to survive, can’t be simply stopped at borders with quarantines, and may well be disastrous. It is a new kind of warfare without a classic warrior and far too often underestimated. State-sponsored threat actors, hacker organisations, terrorist groups and security companies are changing the risk situation. Fake news, extortion, espionage and sabotage are prime threats in a highly-connected world. Such cyber attacks have the potential to be a destructive weapon like missiles.
Peter Hacker is a passionate, internationally sought-after Swiss Cyber Security Expert who will not only show in his keynote the development of risks, but also outlines hands-on ways and recommendations to detect and respond on threats and control the destiny of digital assets. In his view, states, companies and organisations of all kinds do well to treat future opportunities and risks with equal priority.

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